Write an equation for the drawing then make a ten worksheet

So, if Jacob first made 1 more paper airplanes he would have 10, and then he made 5 more, that would be 10 and 5, how much would 10 and 5 be?

strategy to find the sum

If they're not there yet, keep working on it before you attempt the next steps. To use the make 10 strategy, the child recognizes that one of the addends is close to 10, and if you add on the other one, you will get more than Let's count.

However, students who struggle with math may require a slower introduction to making multiples of 10 as well as more assistance and practice.

making ten lesson plans first grade

Guiding Questions: What are the guiding questions for this lesson? Extensions: Ask students to think of examples of when this strategy does not work or is not the most efficient strategy.

Decompose the smaller addend to make 10

Kids can even use this with bigger numbers as they get older. Representations It's a good idea to have some ways of representing the make 10 strategy. A lot a lot a lot. For your students who need a little bit of extra help, give them the worksheets with ten frames on them and let them use 2 different kinds of something small like mini erasers to help them solve the problems. Possible answers: when the sum is less than ten or more than Guiding Questions: What are the guiding questions for this lesson? JRU is closely associated with counting on, so that's a negative for encouraging some strategies. Don't flip them so they can see they're borrowed, just like you did with adding 9. Discuss what is in the sandwich! Basic Facts Lesson 2.

How do you use the leftover counters below the ten frame to write an equation and find the sum? Next, they should write their new equation after making the ten on the recording sheet i.

Talk about how you borrowed 1 from the 5 and made it a 4 to give it to the 9 to make it a

make a ten strategy subtraction
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Make a Ten Strategy for Addition