Write a letter from santa to child

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After lunch, I always visit my reindeer and the other animals that live with us. I embrace the fact that shopping is a great way to spend your time, but please be aware that there are other things in life too. Plan your day the night before so you can get up and go without rushing.

Dear his name It has been a while since I last saw you, and now you are a year older! I shall see you soon!

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The elves are working overtime to finish packing your parcels, and they will be soon on their way. Dear her name, As I sit here at my desk, another snowstorm rages outside my window. I like the toys.

Write a letter from santa to child

All year long, I have heard good things about you. Up here, the snow has been falling for months. I will ride my sleigh for thousands of miles and deliver presents to all the well-behaved children around the world. There is one more thing — I want you to be nicer to yourself. We read through them all very carefully and make notes on various gifts ideas. I hope you like it! The closer it gets to Christmas, the harder the elves must work.

Children in Poland, Japan, and Great Britain are allegedly the most prolific writers of letters to Santa. He tried to avoid eating vegetables at every cost and was wriggling in his chair all the time.

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Help Your Child Write a Letter to Santa