Using onenote to write a book

Great examples of this are the visuals of the geography of my setting and battle tactics. Tip: move the main box further down if this one is too big.

novel template

Onenote integrates perfectly with all other Office products. But this is negligible — you will spend months writing, and it only takes a few hours to transfer it to a word template The first book that came of this efforts is now on Amazon!

onenote word count

It has an easy-to-use interface no headaches, self-esteem damage, confusion, trying-and-giving-up in despair, AND no need to take a course to learn how to use it.

A new text entry box will pop up. I was tempted to put up screens of the notebook for the fantasy I am currently writing, then decided against it.

Beside your Draft check box, click and create another entry box. Now, the disadvantages Writing on a OneNote page is not… as elegant as writing on word. You also know how difficult it is to organize notes, search through paper notes, and sometimes even find all the notes you've written.

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