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The headmaster Mr. And it is not her fault the book turned out that way. She narrated all the interesting things that happened to her in school to her pet dog, Rocky. The whole school has about 50 students in all, including physically challenged children. This made Totto chan to fall in love with her new school at the first sight! Kobayashi invited Totto-Chan to speak anything she likes. In this way Totto-chan's first day at Tomoe began. The epilogue explains how Headmaster Kobayashi had good connections with leaders in government. He knew that teaching children in primary level was synonymous with showing them how to improve their good heartsickness. This was a school founded by Sosaku Kobayashi during World War II where he taught lessons not just on science and literature, but also about nurturing relationships, making friends, and taking care of nature. When he sat down at the desk behind her--it took him longer than other children to sit down--she turned around and asked, "Why do you walk like that? Background[ edit ] After hearing about how children were refusing to attend school, Tetsuko decided to write about her experience attending Tomoe Gakuen. Looking at Tome, It realized everyone a train moving In the autumn sunshine, It satisfied the curiousness of the pupils and excited their creation. Unbelievably, the artist was not commissioned to illustrate this book. There are hints of something awry when "Totto-chan" cannot buy caramel candies from the vending machine on her way to school, and it becomes harder for her mother to meet the requirements for a balanced lunch.

When she met the headmaster, Mr. Totto-chan went on watching him as the boy came back to his desk. There is no effort to make the children cute, or to capitalise on the poignancy of war.

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School life was undoubtedly the best part of my life just like Totto chans! The teachers at the school taught them to dance, talk without any fear, love everyone, and care fellow beings. The main turning point for Totto-chan was when her mother took her to another school, hoping that she can be less of a pain to her classmates and teachers. I first read this book when I was in high-school. They even used their assembly hall as camping site! Totto-Chan and her friends studied in classrooms made of train-carriage due to lack of fund. The little kid slowly learnt the realities of life, through the shortage of food and death of her friends. Classrooms were not in buildinds but in abandoned trains he brought into the school compound. Yes, it is the story of Japanese celebrity author Tetsuko Kuroyanagi. This school, like many other places in Japan, was destroyed during the war in , but the lessons taught there continue to inspire many. The book has beautiful illustrations by Chihira Iwasaki.

Yeah, books are magic! School life was undoubtedly the best part of my life just like Totto chans! Totto spoke for hours until she had nothing more to say.

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Their eyes met. Her mother realizes that Totto-chan needs a school where more freedom of expression is permitted. And it is not her fault the book turned out that way.

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If you crouched down where you were told was the hot spring, the hot water came up to your neck and it felt lovely, just like being in a hot bath, If you wanted to go into the sea from the hot spring, all you had to do was move about fifteen feet sideways and the water gradually gets cooler.

Totto-chan never could concentrate in her earlier school, and she seemed to get into trouble much too easily. The most unusual thing of all about this school, however, was the lessons themselves. You may ask how can a 7-year-old be expelled from school and how hard can it be to get her under control.

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This method of teaching enabled the teachers to observe--as the children progressed to higher grades --what they were interested in as well as their way of thinking and their character. After a lot of thought and a good look around, Totto-chan decided to sit next to the girl who had come after her that morning because the girl was wearing a pinafore with a long-eared rabbit on it. Toto- chain was a little girl, everything happened around her was realized with a simple mind. Kobayashi, where the two establish a friendly teacher-student relationship. Totto chan was really lucky and so were the other kids who had the opportunity to spend their childhood in a school like Tomoe, which taught them to live and laugh. Kobayashi invited Totto-Chan to speak anything she likes. She is very lucky to have had an extraordinary childhood memories.

Toto-chain had the strong Impression on Mr. But here it was quite different.

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