Thesis about public speaking anxiety

review of related literature about public speaking anxiety

Some say that it is the number one fear of Americans over death. The way one speaks to others can jeopardize the amount of respect and trust others have for them. Such anxiety may exist in many aspects of language learning process.

theoretical framework for public speaking anxiety

I would like my audience to fully comprehend the concepts. In this case, there must be a lot of awareness and consciousness from students and teachers as well, and that for the sake of knowing how to proceed, to cope and even properly deal with these obstructions.

The results of the quantitative data showed that participants who have been to an English speaking country experienced less speech anxiety than those who have never been in such countries.

In Asian countries, EFL learners suffer even more in language classroom anxiety because of insufficient language environment.

effects of public speaking anxiety

There have been many studies done in the general field of public speaking anxiety. Humor can alleviate anxiety, especially in second language classrooms. Many would like to avoid this situation completely, but that is difficult to accomplish.

Thesis about public speaking anxiety

The results also showed that the main factors of speech anxiety included the settings, act types, respondent types, feedbacks and individual differences of learners. However, the simplicity of communicating behind a screen has hindered our verbal communication skills. From the way one pronounces a word to their posture can affect the way an audience interprets what is being said. This study included a survey design in which the data were firstly collected through a questionnaire, and then followed by interviews conducted on participants from each group in order to get more detailed data on speech anxiety. Personally, I am not confident with my speaking skills at this point. The Effect of Living Abroad on Foreign Language Speaking Anxiety This study investigates the effect of living in English speaking countries on speech anxiety experienced by Turkish learners of English as a second language. Humor can alleviate anxiety, especially in second language classrooms.
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Public Speaking Anxiety Research Papers