The smart car case study

The questions ask: "What is a car to you? Text messages are charged at standard network rates. The incorporation of the hybrid SwatchMobil system had proved problematic, so the car debuted with a conventional engine.

Canada gas prices higher than U. Smart chose three questions that it has now termed "golden questions" - all of which were related to cars. The price of fuel in Canada is significantly greater than it is in the United States, largely due to taxes Mann, One of the other strengths of the campaign is the ability for Smart to maintain an ongoing dialogue with its customers.

how does the smart compare to the honda element scion iq kia soul or fiat 500

Smart Expressions. Further results show that recipients went on to purchase a Smart car in the six weeks following the mailing.

One area that Smart found particularly revealing was the information it gleaned on repurchase cycles.

smart car competitive advantage

The internet was judged to be the best medium for delivering the survey, because of the extent of data capture possible and the fact that previous research had shown that most Smart customers like to engage online. Prospects' scores are then regularly uploaded onto Smart's database system, enabling activity and budgets to be tailored accordingly.

For example, for many consumers a low cost product such as pop does not require an extensive search for information whereas a more expensive product, such as an automobile, does.

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Case The Smart Car