Role of new media in reporting emergencies in nigeria

The city also uses an outdoor public warning system. APAN is a community of communities Web site that uses wikis, blogs, forums, file sharing and calendaring applications with social networking to facilitate unclassified information sharing with multinational partners, nongovernmental organizations, and various federal and state agencies.

Audu-Bida said the objective was to raise the consciousness of the officers on the imperative for reducing risk, building resilience of communities and integrating disaster risk reduction into our national development plans. Social media lets organizations communicate their needs during an emergency, allowing mission partners to see what those immediate needs are and respond to them fairly quickly.

Flood early warning systems have been established by the Ministry of Environment. This is the case for natural disasters like storms or tornadoes.

Social media in disasters and emergencies

Mission NEMA mission is to coordinate resources towards efficient and effective disaster prevention, preparedness, mitigation and response in Nigeria. Yet to be validated. In post crisis phases, social media can be used to send information about recovery, reconstruction, etc. Geological Survey is developing a prototype site that monitors Twitter feeds to provide scientists with real-time data about earthquakes. The police were able to use that information, but bits of video of the special forces team setting up also were posted. Fostering citizen-led social media use through Volunteer technology communities 2. A national multi sectoral platform for disaster risk reduction was established.

According to him, the reason behind the capacity workshop for senior public officers put together in collaboration with the Administrative Staff College of Nigerian ASCON was to help sensitise them on the imperative for mainstreaming disaster response mechanisms into the national development plans.

They are to establish through enabling legislation, adequate and functional emergency outfits—sanitary inspectors—to address the humanitarian and sanitary needs of their people. Social media, Web 2.

Social media during a crisis

Many of those emergency response agencies have Twitter or Facebook accounts. As the city comes back online, emergency managers would be dealing with thousands of other problems. Strengthening capacity building of stakeholders 8. Social media change risk and crisis communication as they empower and connect large numbers of volunteers. Consultative forum with stakeholders on emerging issues in disaster management; 4. Social media can help to know if family and friends are safe and combined with use of mobile phones can help to report an accident precisely and to send requests for assistance Using social media for risk and crisis communication can help to counter inaccurate press coverage or to counterbalance rumours and manage reputational effects. Geological Survey is developing a prototype site that monitors Twitter feeds to provide scientists with real-time data about earthquakes. Emergency commanders; first responders; and police, fire and government officials can tap into a single information resource to gain an accurate understanding of events. Search and Rescue department Plot No. The agency said about volunteers would be drawn from each of the local government areas of the country and would be adequately trained and equipped with all the techniques and skills to ensure prompt and effective response action during disaster. Provision of information and instructions with social media like blogs can be used to provide advice by posting information such as emergency phone numbers, location of hospitals requiring blood donations, evacuation routes, etc. Social media can be used to communicate recovery of infrastructure bridges, routes, water supply , to identify areas that are in most need of recovery.

More information is pushed onto Twitter, such as traffic and weather details. Countrywide public awareness strategy exists to stimulate a culture of disaster resilience, with outreach to urban and rural communities.

Social media can be used to collect funding and support by encouraging donations when major catastrophes occur or by facilitating the supply of support. Developing government-led social media strategies, or 3.

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Nigeria: Disaster management, what can NEMA offer?