Review of related literature of achievement motivation

Waters et al. The students attended high schools in French-speaking Quebec were selected as a sample of longitudinal study of parent-adolescent interactions in relation to school achievement and psychosocial maturity.

Research paper on achievement motivation

The sample comprised of students including boys and girls. The achiever thinks anything can be done if they take responsibility for its doing. The results indicated that immigrants placed more importance on family interdependence than American born families. Socioeconomic status and education of the parents had been found to influence academic achievement and achievement motivation of the students of both the cultures. Results indicated that the children whose parents were highly educated had better performance in both school examinations and achievement tests than those children whose parents were less educated. Family and social data were collected through interviews conducted with parents. The results reported that low educational status of parents found to be detrimental to academic achievement of their children.

Izzo et al. Data were collected by administering culture value orientation and attribution-emotion scale to the sample and grade point average was taken as academic achievement measures of the students.

The research team selected the students randomly by systematic method from each science field and each entrance year in schools. The successful manager knows which need achievement, affiliation or power is strongest for each of their employees.

Some people are willin g to do anything to be treated as an equal within a group structure.

recent studies related to achievement motivation

Singh et al. Results indicated that students achievement was positively related to achievement in mathematics in all the four countries.

Academic achievement motivation test

The results revealed positive significant relationship between academic motivation and achievement. Data were collected from 93 fifth grade students and their parents from Florida. The findings indicated that parental involvement was the most strongly related to achievement of their children. Therefore, the center for talented students aimed to design the present study to measure the achievement motivation level in all schools of the university and survey the factors that can affect it. Yan conducted a between-group study of parental involvement comparing three samples that included students drawn from the national educational longitudinal study of University of Pennsylvania. The results revealed that there was no significant difference in achievement motivation of the boys and girls. It is not economic planners or politicians who are ultimately responsible for the pace of economic growth in poor countries today, but the business executives whose drive or lack thereof will determine whether the goals of the planners and politicians are fulfilled. The findings showed no significant gender difference in academic achievement of the students. Relationship between performance goal and academic success was comparatively less significant. The achiever thinks anything can be done if they take responsibility for its doing. Evidence shows that there are some differences in human needs to promotion in different individuals. Data was collected by administering family climate scale to the sample of children consisting boys and 82 girls of ninth class from the schools of Pury and Jehri districts of Kashmir.

The second one was achievement motivation scale 2. N achievement and economic growth: A critique. Devi and Mayuri carried out a study of family and school factors that affect the academic achievement of residential school children studying ninth and tenth classes.

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A study of Achievement Motivation of secondary School Students