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Hodges, P. From the table, it is observed that the below 30 years old are came to aware of consumer protection law through TV, Journal and magazine. According to him, Gujarat is progressive state in the comparison of other states.

What is the need to protect the consumer

Thus, International Cooperation in issues related to consumer protection have grown in its importance. The findings gave a might into the extent of consumer lack of awareness of many facts that are of much relevance for their own welfare. OECD And the respondents should be trained the importance of these terminology. Packaging is also a big problem for the rural respondents. Pilot Study Using the structured instrument the researcher conducted a pilot study in Chidambaram. Hence, the authorities try to save advertisement through this media for consumer protection. With regard to consumer protection awareness on false and using stones for weights, middle age respondents are having moderate awareness regarding this aspect.

Such laws deal with credit repair, debt repair, product safety, service and sales contracts, bill collector regulation, pricing, utility turnoffs, consolidation, personal loans that may lead to bankruptcy and much more.

There are backbone of Indian economy the most of the market.

issues and challenges in consumer protection

Consumer Protection Bill. To study the awareness of consumer protection meas- The consumer must be aware regarding his rights and the ures. Europe Economics.

Many constitutional provisions have been made by government to protect the consumers. This study helps to the policy maker to protect the rural consumers.

articles on consumer protection act in india
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(PDF) New Age Challenges in Consumer Protection in India