Rechenkas eggs writing activity for 1st

Patricia Polacco WebQuest: Students will use this interactive tool to become an expert on Patricia Polacco and the vocabulary from her books.

Eggshells are porous so that air can get in and out of the egg.

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Their pictures appear magically! Rechenka's Eggs by Patricia Polacco. Invite students to write Easter letters to family members.

rechenkas eggs craft

Want a real test? Students use the Semantic Impressions and Possible Sentences strategies to write about the books. You might even invite kids to write their own lesson fables.

We can measure the vertical and horizontal lines of eggs to see just how big they are. The idea behind the "Egg Drop" is to create a "package" that will protect a raw egg when it's dropped from a height of 8 feet or whatever height you decide. More hands-on science. Have fun with words that begin with the "ex" letter combination, which when eggs-agerated sounds like "eggs" in words such as eggs-cited, eggs-traordinary, and eggs-asperated. Following is a basket full of additional cross-curriculum activities, some of which are Internet-based. Three books about eggs are among the best-known and -loved children's books. Beck, I. Then, have children reread the book in order to record each "miracle" Babushka notices e. Many objects roll. How many eggs are left?
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Rechenka's Eggs Activity Sheets *Print and Go* by WindupTeacher