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Ethan Allen Interiors, a vertically integrated home furnishings manufacturer, continues its successful departmentalization by function, including retail, manufacturing and sourcing, product design, logistics, and operations, which includes tight financial controls. Through his leadership, Shaich has led to the development of the competitive advantage of the company in sourdough that enables the company produce and distributes fresh dough products. The closure of the poor performing units and their replacement of new high performing units will lead to increased financial performance of the company. Formal organizations also have well-defined lines of authority, channels for information flow, and means of control. Firms typically use traditional, contemporary, or team-based approaches when designing their organizational structure. Franchises Panera Bread also operates franchises in an attempt to secure additional market share in the industry. Fiscal year — the company should continue monitoring its outlets while re-evaluating its pricing strategies. Panera used thousands of labor hours to review the ingredients used in menu items, eventually reformulating more than of them to eliminate artificial ingredients. Five basic types of departmentalization are commonly used in organizations: Functional: Based on the primary functions performed within an organizational unit Product: Based on the goods or services produced or sold by the organizational unit Process: Based on the production process used by the organizational unit Customer: Based on the primary type of customer served by the organizational unit Geographic: Based on the geographic segmentation of organizational units Glossary Departmentalization that is based on the primary type of customer served by the organizational unit. The company further needs to strengthen its competitive intelligence systems to monitor and track the steps taken by competitor restaurants and cafes. Ultimately, if customers are not satisfied, they will find other retailers that will meet their needs. It originally began as a primarily east coast based operation that was eventually able to cultivate a few international locations. An organization chart for this type of structure would show that all positions in the firm are directly connected via an imaginary line extending from the highest position in the organization to the lowest where production of goods and services takes place. Although the company has defied the tradition of selling microwaveable products through offering freshly baked products at its bakery cafes, the number of fresh dough facilities are only 23 as of and need to be expanded to reach in those areas where the trucks have to deliver for miles.

The company ha san alternative strategy of offering substitutes to its clients. Through this strength, the company has been able to maintain a large number of loyal customers.

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These systems can do many things, such as help with cost managing, scheduling Strengths The first strength of Panera Bread Company lies in its corporate resources. Panera competes with new entrants in the industry by providing a variety of meals to its clients. These franchises operate under the broad umbrella of Panera LLC. It consists of two or more people working together with a common objective and clarity of purpose. No new entrants can be compared to Panera Bread. For example, the organization of Gazprom Neft, a Russian oil company, reflects the activities the company needs to perform to extract oil from the ground and turn it into a final product: exploration and research, production drilling , refining, and marketing and distribution. Any person or organization with enough capital can establish a restaurant. Fiscal Year — following the increased revenue in the prior year resulting from new ventures and closure of poor performing outlet units, the company should use the earned revenue to set up a research and development center. Founded in , Sweden retailer IKEA has grown from a small mail-order operation to a global force in home furnishings with more than stores throughout Europe, North America, Africa, Australia, and Asia. Let's see if we can help you! The founders of Panera, Shaich and Kane, have consistently developed the company around a strategy of growth. Since consumers desire goods that are advertised on TV, the company incurs high expenses on TV adverts and promotion of its products. Panera Bread Company has a fairly detailed and colorful history. Important is how the employees feel and treat the customers that can set the mood for an entire company.

The company has succeeded in establishment of franchise business. The decreasing rate of sales growth may be attributed to the company's current marketing strategy. The external environment offers the opportunity of franchising to the company.

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What are the five types of departmentalization? Wheelen, T. The balanced score card is the best method for Panera bread because it includes necessary feedback of the customers of Panera Bread.

Panera Bread delivers its dough products fresh within the most favorable distribution distance radius of miles.

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Panera Bread specializes in providing fresh goods, made-to-order sandwiches, salads, soups, custom roasted coffees and other cafe beverages. The reduction in costs can serve the improvement of margins but it should not lead to deterioration on quality of products and services offered to customer as the latter is the long-term revenue source for the company.

The company should use the franchising opportunity to venture into other countries especially in Europe.

Panera bread functional structure

This will lead to higher motivation of these employees to deliver the best of the customer services.

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