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I wonder what Owen's mother is going to do with the blanket? Owen played with the blanket all the time. We had a great time learning about Kevin Henkes and reading his books.

Happy teaching! Do you have author studies in your classroom? Author's Chair As a whole group, the students got together to listen to each other read the impressions they had written down about the books. Why did Owen bury his face in Fuzzy and not stop crying? Why did you pick that book? We wrote and drew pictures of the comparisons on a big chart. Owens father put vinegar on Owen's favorite corner of Fuzzy. We set up a Lightbulb Lab in the room where they made pictures with craft supplies and wrote letters of apology to Mr. He started to cry when he was told he couldn't take the blanket to school with him. My students made a maze that separated them from a blanket, and took turns trying to get to it. You can get this packet from either my Teachers Notebook or TpT store. How would you have fixed the problem? Do you think Owen is going to bring Fuzzy to school? Tweezers didn't say anything anymore?

Is the little boy named Owen? All these things make the book very entertaining.

owen by kevin henkes worksheets

Wanting to bring something to school with you. I wnder how long Owen is going to carry those handkerchiefs? Some of the questions the listeners asked with prompting were: Are you like that character?

Some of the questions the listeners asked with prompting were: Are you like that character? We kept our comparisons simple by focusing on the characters, settings, problem, and solution for each book. My students made their own movie star sunglasses and purple plastic purses. She cut and sewed Fuzzy into a bunch of handkerchiefs. Mice don't go to school. My students wrote their own worries on worry scrolls. What do you think the Blanket Fairy will leave Owen? If you are a Freebie Friday follower Why did Owen finally stop crying? Owen buried his face in Fuzzy and wouldn't stop crying.

Owen didn't care that one corner of his blanket was smelly, he just picked another corner.

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