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Dave Lewis is the current CEO of the company. Tesco Express Tesco Express stores are neighborhood convenience shops, they stocking mainly food with pa rticularly on higher-margin products.

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Whereas the threat for non-food items like clothing is fairly more. Thedata collected lets Tesco give tailor made promotions for consumer and decidequickly new innovations initiatives employed are working. The stakeholders of Tesco Plc are as following: Customers:These are the most important stakeholders. Things people do not think about when shopping at Tesco's like the lightning in the store, air-conditioning, ovens for the bakery and the take-away food, cleaning machines etc. Even by this restricted measure sales grew 8. Store Layout Store design is a spanking role to any successful retailing company around the world. The following are the recommendations for Tesco entering foreign marketsIdentify the market opportunities Tesco has to understand the retail structure of the country and understand other elements such as suppliers, transport, home grown facilities. The inbound logistics is one of Tescos competitive advantages and deals with reception of products, faculty scheduling, facilities planning, stock control and storing. Tesco has registered 12 million of the customers for his or her Club greeting card program, providing members discounts in exchange for his or her name's, address and other private information. But Tesco had gauged the popular mood: after years of recession, shoppers were looking for bargains, and sales soared. Therefore, profit are increasing because consumers are tending to be thrifty. The essential notion of store design is to make all customers feel safe and enjoy the area they shop in.

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The l argest threats in the industry is the rivalry of the nearest competitors, however Tesco seems to have it under control because their market shares keeps rising and the competitors is still leftover behind.

An effective discount. The strategic planning is usually a long term process which needs to keep in mind about the visions, mission and values of the company too.

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Because the future is directing in other guidelines for profit, it is therefore important that Tesco retains an excellent balance between the UK market and their new areas. In addition, Tescos ability to match products to customer needs from sophisticated scanning and loyalty sche mes has become a strong opportunity and strength in their marketing strategy.

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Threats of substitutesThe fear of substitutes in the food retail industry is minimal, but with higher number of super markets and convenient stores people have uncertain option to choose their product from. Procurement Tesco deals with a lot of procurement like the complexes they operate their stores in, the IT equipment and purchasing tills for the stores. It has a reputation for value, low prices and for being customer focused. Technological Factor:With the development of technology, Tesco also brought in some significant changes like online shopping and self-service check out points. Wal-Mart and CarreFour have strategically emerged into global leaders, the variable factors which these company focused to grow big areLocation Wal-Mart and CarreFour has a total of 7, and stores respectively worldwide. Today most of the countries want that the retailers should get jobs to their people. Employees:Employees are the lifeline of any organization. The profit and loss of the company depends on them. They attempt to attract the customers interest the moment they and to point-of-sale PoS as its a very cost effective way to promote own-brand products at a minimal cost. Another service is when people check out and pay the employee at the till always asks the costumer if they need any help with packaging. Tesco also have many in-store sales techniques, from different price schemes like expensive, less expensive and cheap areas in the store, in addition to price comparison with ASDA and J. TASK 2 a Conduct an organizational audit of the chosen business. The strategic planning is usually a long term process which needs to keep in mind about the visions, mission and values of the company too. As Tesco is so heavily dependent of the UK market it is a threat if the UK economy decreases if the interest rates goes up, inflation raises, housing bubble bursts and of course if consumers expenditure decreases. Stakeholders are the most important and significant part of any company.

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Tesco Marketing Strategy