Name the four spheres of the earth of these which one s do humans have the most impact on

All the water in the hydrosphere is always in motion just like the atmospheric gases. Each of these four spheres can be further divided into sub-spheres. A diagrammatic representation of the carbon cycle is presented in 2.


Biosphere The biosphere contains all the planet's living things. It includes the planet's mantle and crust, the two outermost layers. The type of soil helps determine the type of plants that can grow, and in turn depends on the type of starting materials rocks and sedimentthe geographic setting of the site e.

When work is carried out within the earth system, energy is transferred from one body to another, and it may also be converted from one form to another in the process.

The atmosphere receives energy from solar radiation which warms the earth's surface and is re-emitted and conducted to the atmosphere. Hydrosphere-Biosphere Oceans contain a diversity of life, from whales to algae, and everything in between. Matt Rosenberg is a professional geographer and writer with over 20 years of experience.

The four main components of the earth system may be described briefly in the following way. Next comes the mesosphere, which extends to about 85 km above the earth's surface. The friction created when these tectonic plates push against one another causes earthquakes, volcanoes and the formation of mountains and ocean trenches.

The natural earth features depicting the hydrosphere are the rivers, streams, lakes, seas, oceans and the water vapor.

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Defining the earth system