Multiculturalism why we need to start thinking of america in terms of a whole

Out of one, they want to make us many. Assemble a multicultural team. Be prepared to operate in new ways, to share control, and build trust.

This established both a purpose the securing of the common good and certain rights and a set of principles that provided the means for achieving that purpose.

It makes for more effective communication among groups.

importance of understanding cultural differences

He was a preacher of sorts. In an effective multicultural collaboration, as with any other collaboration, the participants must have a sense of common purpose. Because most groups have some community-wide concerns, it's essential to get them to the same table, uneven or not.

Most Republicans like to invoke Abraham Lincoln, but too many fail to see his understanding and application of justice and equality is essential to preserving our nation — to making the political defense of our regime on the grounds of its goodness, its justice—as Kesler and others believe is required.

Why do we have different cultures

On that relativistic, unstable scale, some men are always more equal than others. One Wisconsin labor activist says, "We want to include communities of color, but we just don't know where to begin. It boasts an intellectual tradition that guides its leadership and adherents in the policing of its boundaries and the maintenance of its categories. They cannot think prudentially. Like so many bad ideas, this one got its start in the academy. Out of one, they want to make us many. The American Founders had the wisdom to know that any decent society needed an agreement on justice at its core… and the sobriety to appreciate that no system of self-government could withstand the fragmentation of the body politic into radically antagonistic factions. The same multiculturalism that pervades our political class trickles down into every aspect of our national life. Help us tell more of the stories that matter from voices that too often remain unheard. At the same time AGENDA began conducting separate educational sessions for African-American members to talk about how all low-income communities of color face similar challenges and problems. Do you have information you want to share with HuffPost? It keeps a running list of friends and enemies, a roster of praise, shame, and blame. Divisions in any large society are inevitable, but responsible leaders ought not to cultivate and multiply factions. That ethos must be taken seriously. The intellectual part of this campaign against multiculturalism must explain the thinking of the Founders and Lincoln and apply it to policy challenges today.
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