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The organization was also re-branded to GoodWeave International. There are now about such villages across 11 states of India, with most of the work concentrated in Rajasthan and Jharkhand. The manual scavengers were called Harijans because the term Dalit had not been coined at that point in time and the people from the upper classes had a discriminatory approach towards the Harijans.

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Kailash Satyarthi— Man who led movement against child labour The 10 Dec Kailash Satyarthi has been the subject of a number of documentaries, television series, talk shows, advocacy and awareness films. Kailash kept on tossing around in the bed all alone in that small room for the rest of the night.

He objected, raised an alarm but was arrested for causing a disturbance at the station.

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The initiative has already started yielding results in terms of concerted inter-agency collaboration for apprehending child traffickers. The movement has engaged itself in identifying, liberating, rehabilitating and educating children in servitude through direct intervention, community participation, partnerships and coalitions, promoting ethics in trade, unionizing workers, running campaigns on issues such as education, trafficking, forced labour, ethical trade, and by building child friendly villages.

Over time, as his policy advocacy efforts and interventions in the field of child labour, education and social inclusion intensified — and especially after the passage of the Right to Education Act in — the child labour law became all the more archaic.

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This placed the global spotlight on trafficking of children for forced labour. You are eating the food that we have prepared. Kailash always felt very strongly that all children are born equal and therefore have the right to lead a good life. Two of his colleagues have lost their lives while countless others have been assaulted or badly beaten while rescuing children. Not only did the headmaster offer to help, but he also spoke to the headmasters and principals of other middle and high schools. Kailash has always maintained that addressing the serious issue of child slavery is a matter of urgency and priority. He strategically took up the issue of trafficking of children to the highest court of the land, the Supreme Court. This fool, instead of protecting the shoes, chose to drape himself with the plastic sheet that I had given to him. As a child he formed a football soccer club to raise money to help pay the school fees of underprivileged students and campaigned for the development of a textbook bank for them as well. This was a defining moment in the history of human rights activism. If a child reels under poverty, violence has been inflicted. I have respect for everybody in my heart. After teaching engineering in a college in Bhopal for a few years, Kailash decided to work for social change following his experiences as a student who saw the lot of less priovilegded from close quarters.
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