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Scope of Practice Another way to increase adult immunization rates is to broaden the pool of individuals who can administer vaccines. The federal government also may regulate public health through the power to spend.

Laws and regulations that restrict individual liberties are frequently needed to ensure community health and safety. In our view, laws or regulations mandating influenza vaccination of health care workers are similarly legitimate and necessary exercises of state power. All of these materials should be current and available in appropriate languages.

Accessed October 26, Tosh P, Poland G.

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Mandatory vaccination urged for clinicians, other health workers. Tilburt have no disclosures. NVAC suggested non-traditional times, such as weekends, evenings, early mornings, and lunch-hours, as possibilities.

Centers for Disease Control and Prevention Influenza vaccination coverage levels.

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Under the US Constitution, the power to restrict individual liberties for public health purposes is primarily reserved for individual states through police power. N Engl J Med.

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Vaccines for Health Care Workers