Ielts general essay questions

What can be done to tackle the problem?

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More and more developing countries are expanding their tourist industries. The following paragraphs shall outline the main reasons why penalties should not be greater.

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Is this a good thing? Do you agree or disagree? Discuss both the view and give your opinion. Should individuals be responsible for improving the environment, or should it be the responsibility of governments and large companies?

Some people think that money is the best gift for teenagers. Iran - General Training Some people think that higher institutions should concentration more on academic subjects such as history and the physical sciences, while others think that they should concentrate more on practical subjects such as car mechanics and cookery, etc.

Ielts general essay questions

Is it a good thing or bad thing? These individuals are often perceived as not part of mainstream society and may therefore be treated differently. Essay Question 32 Many people believe that the increasing number of cars in cities is the biggest source of pollution and waste. What can be done to solve this problem? Allied to the above, with so much unskilled labour in cities these days, wage levels have plummeted, which means the poorer people in cities earn even less than in the past. Given these circumstances, it becomes essential for parents to communicate well and to plan their schedules effectively. Their sales reached a peak in the early 2,s before online marketing and e-commerce really started to provide tough competition that their offline techniques could not match. Many people think that having more police on the streets is the only way to reduce these increasing levels of crime. Essay Question 12 Nowadays online education has become popular as more institutes and companies are offering courses online. Why do you think it happens?

Once a person is charged, even for minor incidents, it can increase their insurance premium and if they are caught too many times they can be banned from driving and possibly lose their job. Most people believe that stricter punishments should be given for traffic offenses.

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To what extent do you agree? The locals will find new opportunities for employment and will also be able to exchange culture with visitors from other nations. Discuss both views and give your opinion. Bonus — 15 Recent IELTS Writing Task 2 Questions So we thought it would be a added benefit we can add 15 more recent question on this task and you can start practicing those questions by following above ones. Do the advantages of this outweigh the disadvantages? Why is this the case? Nepal Money should be spent on creating new public buildings such as museums or town halls rather than renovating the existing ones. There is also a heightened risk of injuries in sports. Government money should be used to support children in school for sports rather than to support professional sports and arts that perform for the general public.

International travel is becoming cheaper and more countries are opening their doors to increase the number of tourists.

Do you agree? It has made lives easier yet taken out the aspect of physical presence which was essential to communicate with another person in the past.

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IELTS General Writing Questions