How to write a discussion on blackboard

To manage which Threads you see, select an option from the Display action menu.

What is a discussion board

This means: elaborate one single idea and keep your message to one paragraph words. If you prefer, select several messages. Use proper grammar, spelling and complete sentences. If you are submitting an assignment via the discussion board or you want to share a group assignment you are working on with your teammates, this is where you would attach the file. To post on the discussion board, first you'll need to login to MySCU , then open up your unit. The post appears in the Current Post portion of the content frame. You will then be presented with a page where you can type your message, attach a file optional , then submit. Then enter your reply in the message area.

Enter your reply in the message area beneath the quoted text. The quote will be indicated with a line to the left. For instance, you may have a question about an upcoming assignment that you wish to discuss with your lecturer and the other students.

Engage directly with the ideas of other participants. Blackboard provides two methods of attaching files. Solicit feedback from your classmates. Depending on the settings in your individual courses, you can access the Discussion Board through the Course Menu or as a Course Link inside a Learning Module or on a content page that leads to the Discussion Board.

These options are located next to the Reply button if your instructor has selected forum settings that enable you to edit or delete.

how to reply to a discussion on blackboard

Using the content editor, you may also add an image or links, etc. The Thread Details page has different ways you can mark and classify your messages.

To Manage Postings: Click the double chevron to the right of a forum you wish to manage. Use the Display action menu to select which types of Threads to display.

Therefore, working in discussion forums is a requirement of the course and is not optional. These posts are to be substantive in nature; it is not appropriate to either agree or disagree with the previous post.

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Discussion Boards