How do i write a letter to a judge for my husband

Conclusion: a.

pre-sentencing letter to judge

State the decision you are asking him to reconsider and explain the reasons why. Miss3s Grinch Can I say he is sorry for the crime, etc, without mentioning what he did? If the letter is about you, offer details regarding the lessons you learned from the situation and assure him that it would never happen again.

If you are well known in your community, your family name or place of work might make you more reputable in the eyes of the judge.

I did get an attorney just in case cause they were wanting information from me that I didn't know. Reviewed by: Melissa Cheri, J. I was not charged with anything and I want my visitation back.

Write the body of the letter. Place to live, job, other support III. State the reason you are writing the letter and the purpose of it.

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How to Write a Reconsideration Letter to a Judge