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The garland is a soft, easily stroked connective depicting the writer who is receptive, compliant and easy going. Dating a dual personality has its advantages and its disadvantages.

Example If the loop is round, bent to the left, a graphology scientist will be able to tell that that person is well aware of his or her emotions, and is able to control them without much effort.

Example 6 Oval separate from lower loop: Dissociated behavior. Narrow lower loop: Sexual shyness, lacks erotic imagination.

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This is typical of a dual personality. The idea that a short sample of handwriting can reveal key dark and nefarious traits in another person is enticing. It is the thermometer that measures the potency of desire and needs, reflecting vital strength.

We must always observe the context of writing in general, if we wish to achieve a correct interpretation. As you can imagine, having two separate biological responses to the same situation can create quite an unpredictable relationship.

Look for someone who has a healthy self-image.

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Letter G: What is Libido? If you date a person with this trait, never give up total control.

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Visit the link below. The sinuous strokes of his pen are as devious as the snake that slithers around obstacles. He simply forgets what the truth is! He may be warm and sympathetic, empathetic and sentimental. A person with low self-esteem may be attractive in the beginning, because the person is extra sweet, humble, generous, etc. People with this trait need to be with a mature, understanding partner who is willing to try to understand their changing feelings. You may need to use your magnifying glass to be sure you are looking at thread. There is a certain dignity and formality in the writer who uses arcades to a dominant degree. Writing ''downhill" may be caused by a temporary depression, ill health, or physical fatigue. That is the personality you fall in love with. Usually two scenarios reveal themselves.
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