Gumbo a southern delicacy

Gumbo a southern delicacy

The dish is a Louisiana version of West African okra soups which the dish gumbo is named for. Dry rouxs consisting of only browned flour are also commonplace on grocery shelves and are popular with those who wish to reduce their consumption of fat. Turkey and sausage gumbos appear frequently during the Thanksgiving and Christmas holidays. I then add in my flour, and cook the roux until it is a peanut butter brown color. Dried shrimp is pretty much what is sounds like. Get Amazing Recipes straight to your inbox! Seafood boils with crabs and shrimp are also popular. I start off with my vegetable oil, and then I heat it up. Today, the gumbos people are most familiar with are seafood gumbo and chicken and sausage gumbo.

This recipe plays with the shells and the sausage to help flavor the broth. Chicken and sausage gumbo is extremely popular, and in the households of hunters, ducks and other game birds often wind up in the gumbo pot.

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Whether you like seafood, okra, andouille sausage or chicken, this thick soup traditionally served over rice or potato salad can be found in different variations on family tables across Louisiana. Some cooks add hard-boiled eggs to chicken and sausage gumbos, and quail eggs find their way into other versions.

Hot boiled crawfish are often served out of giant ice chests designed to trap the heat after the crawfish leave the pot.


Anything else is optional. Primary favorites[ edit ] Seafood gumbo Gumbo - Gumbo is the quintessential stew-like soup of Louisiana. Honey we go in!!! Also, if you have a different crab preference, you can use that as well! It's a dish made of shrimp, tomatoes, onion, bell pepper, celery, garlic and cayenne pepper. It's an early Creole dish that shows its strong French and Spanish heritage. Roux, of course, is flour that has been browned in oil or some other fat. Although the New Iberia event requires that contestants cook their own roux on site, the rest of us are not so constrained. Keep in mind that I said southern style gumbo! Okra, often one of the principal ingredients in gumbo recipes, is used as a thickening agent and for its distinct flavor.

As far as shrimp I use two different kinds of shrimp. This will take 30 to 40 minutes.

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Course Dinner. The basic recipe is the same, but chicken, veal, and ham or a combination of veal and a hambone can be substituted for the crabs and shrimp. It was such a hit that before the trip was over, they made it again, this time without Dr.

Add flour and stir with wooden spoon until smooth.

cajun delicacy
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