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Because Allwood linked criminal behavior to childhood neglect, the assertion that the monster had made of his aggressive behavior being caused by neglect is in fact valid. Frankenstein finds himself.

Overall, the monster would have remained benevolent and loving had Victor Frankenstein not abandoned him, proving that the monster should deserve sympathy for his neglect. The being appears to be a monster. They are related in many different ways.

who is more human frankenstein or monster essay

Frankenstein: Case studies in contemporary criticism. Frankenstein and morality.

frankenstein is the real monster essay

Shelley transmits the struggle of a monster that seeks for real human connections, knowledge and the approval of its master; his appearance plays a big role in the reaction and acceptance of the people that encountered him.

It is, thus, worth noting that in these works, the authors do not celebrate such deaths but rather their depiction is to set the stage for the audience to think about them deeply and seek to change issues and problems that may lead to such instances.

But because he bares his soul by communicating verbally to us, the readers, he reveals the unappealing motivations behind those reasonable actions and loses our trust and sympathy. Whittaker, She observes that lofty ambitions lead to immoral actions that lead to fallen states of human nature.

He is rejected by villagers and anyone who sets eyes on him, and at first he cannot comprehend why.

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