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The technological factors that may influence Infosys may include the following: The recent technological developments and breakthroughs made by competitors, as mentioned above. Reviewed key operational risks and actions based on inputs from the internal risk register, external assessments, internal audit findings and incidents.

Often Infosys policies on their own are not enough to efficiently protect Infosys and its workers, making Infosys appear an undesirable place of employment that may repel skilled, talented workers. Controlling is part of learning and changing as an organization grows.

Regularly assessed the business environment including trend line of key external indicators and internal business indicators such as client concentration, client technology spend, growth of top clients and revenue bookings from large outsourcing engagements.

The new framework is based on international standards and tailored to suit our business needs. For example, in the case of textiles, in countries where the winter has become very mild due to Global Warming, warm winter clothes have much less of a market.

The expiration of the tax holidays and benefits in India has also brought huge changes in the profit margins.

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Infosys is also building a strong partnership with the world leading environmental consultancy as ERM for providing the innovative solutions for environmental health and safety. Those companies that produce extremely large amounts of waste may be required by law to manage their environmental habits. Article continues after ad PESTEL analysis provides great detail about operating challenges Infosys Limited will face in prevalent macro environment other than competitive forces. Avoid : A decision to nullify the risk by refraining from the activities that cause it Share : A decision to share the specific risk with another entity Reduce : A decision to reduce the level of risk through targeted mitigation, if not to completely nullify it Accept : A decision to allow the risk to remain as is, irrespective of its severity Escalate : A decision to escalate the risk to senior management Risk mitigation and monitoring Mitigation plans are finalized, owners are identified and the progress of mitigation actions are monitored and reviewed. The entry of new IT firms in the technology market can bring an intensifying competition for Infosys and can have impact on the cost advantage and revenues. Social Factors Infosys is a global software major where the stock prices and strategies are affected by the social factors. Value system of top management :The objective formulation is affective by the value system of top management. The laws that the country enforces, especially with regards to business, such as contract law, as they dictate what Infosys is and is not allowed to do. Political Factors America is one of the major markets for Infosys business, therefore any political or economic change in the country can bring a huge impact on its business. We periodically assess risks to the successful execution of our strategy, such as the effectiveness of strategic programs that are being executed, the momentum in new initiatives, the impact of strategy on financial performance, leveraging of inorganic strategies, effectiveness of organization structure and processes, retention and development of high-performing talent and leadership. Systematic and proactive identification of risks and mitigation thereof enable effective or quick decision-making and boosts the performance of the organization. Analysis of external factors

The rate of GDP growth in the country will affect how fast Infosys is expected to grow in the near future. When a company is up-to-date on their

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Infosys PESTEL & Environment Analysis