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Sometimes, discussion can centre on some political or economic matter also. There were few big windows in it with long green curtains. This purpose of this paper is to examine the applicability of preference-based segmentation for a broad array of meals and the categories in the content of teenagers in Vietnam.

Unfortunately, there were only about ten tables and sixteen chairs which could accommodate less than half the number of students.

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Facilities in this study it refers to the installation, contrivance, or other things which facilitates something a place for doing something. Scope and Limitations of the study The extent of this study includes an inquiry concerning The Patronizing of St. They make it a point to place bulk orders on him whenever there is a function held by any society or club connected with academic, sports or extra-curricular activities. They recommend continues efforts should made to provide programs for individuals all ages residences education level which focus on the seriousness of food borne illness and the importance proper food handling random sample was used. According to James P. This will be employed to determine or measure the degree of relationship between the profile of the respondents and their responses. One misses its hubbub and charm during holidays. Handling food poorly can cause food poisoning and also reduce the quality of the food being served. The aims of the guidelines are to provide a framework to support the implementation of sale of healthy food in school canteens. Assimilation- the process whereby individuals or groups of differing ethnic heritage are absorbed into the dominant culture of a society.

Sometimes we did our homework there before the lesson. University of Regina Carmeli, City of Malolos, March Management of a school canteen which offers services to the students and the rest of the members of the academic community to satisfy their continuous need for food should be given special consideration.

It was not very big, but there were always many people.

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But in our observation it seems that more students are not patronizing the canteen because of the not enough food to serve to the students, space to name a few.

Related Essays. Result of the study could also be a basis for further research in the same topic, as such will be a source of additional information on the food preference of the student.

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The objective of the study was to identify sources of food eaten during the school day, the types of food preferred and frequency purchases from the canteen in relation with the SES and weight status of primary school-aged children.

The school canteen offered a good service. This study was conducted to find out the preferred foods to be available at the St. You could buy many tasty things there such as tea, cakes, juice, sweets, chocolates and so on.

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