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With the growth of food grains not keeping pace with the increase in population during some years because of the unfavourable weather conditions, the specter of hunger hunts millions of households in the country. The government is still trying to aware to people for family planning campaign.

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Anyhow, steps are taken by the government of India to control this predicament. Guifang Tang Introduction China and India are the two countries which have the largest population in the world. These consequences will have to be studied in length before we can find appropriate measures to stem the root. Government has the fewer amounts to spend on social services such as education, hospital, housing, infrastructure etc which are essentially required for a progressive country. Major steps which have been already implemented but still need to be emphasised more to control population. Most of the people, who belong from the poverty line, they have not any knowledge about the overpopulation of country. It creates imbalance in city and shortage of resources. Non development of industrial sector. Its current annual increase at 16 million is the highest in the world. And the expanding market which was a necessary consequence of increase in population and the consequent rise in demand would rapidly absorb the increasing volume of output turned out by the newly established and expanding industries.

Pressure on infrastructure: Development of infrastructural facilities is unfortunately not keeping pace with the growth of population. If the education improves then they will understand disadvantage of having more than one or two children.

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Causes of High Birth Rate: 1. It is so because the absorption of resources of a country and people living in the country are closely correlated according to the Malthus theory of Population. Many of them are not willing to discuss or are totally unaware about them. Previously the growth of population was limited because there used to be high death rate due to epidemics, famines scarcities and other natural calamities like floods, earthquakes and to some extent wars. All this necessitates a significant proportion of the national resources to be used to expand employment opportunities to absorb the increasing Labour force. They cannot ignore or shelve the problem of Population Explosion. Basically it all depends on the controlled growth of population. It also poses a threat to the environment. Many diseases have arisen to afflict human beings and affect vegetation as it is, the deforestation is likely to continue unabated which would further aggravate the problem. For this, we have to improve the literacy rate, female education and the socio-economic status of the families as population growth is directly linked to these factors. Overpopulation has increased the acts of violence and aggression as people are competing with each other for getting resources and achieving good lifestyle. Steps to Control Population in India The Government of India, politicians, policy makers should initiate a bold population policy so that the economic growth of the country can keep pace with the demands of a growing population.

Thus, the country having only on 2. Effects of Over Population Even after 67 years of independence, the scenario of our country is not good, due to over population.

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Increase in population affects the economic, environmental and social development of the world. Population and Food Supply: The supply of food needed has direct relationship with the mouths to be fed. Early Marriage: The practice of early marriage is a potent cause of rapid increase of population in India. So everyone should have to follow it. According to the Indian census, carried out in , the population of India was exactly 1,,,, which means India has crossed the 1-billion mark. Our nation is mostly active dependent on the government of India, how they treat and solve the problem of India. According to studies based on the census data the birth rate which was about 41 per thousand and in , fell to only 37 per thousand by in a period of intensive family planning efforts of the government over these two decades. Some major impacts of high population are as follows: Unemployment: Generating employment for a huge population in a country like India is very difficult. The resource available fixed.

Thus, it will be seen that it is the high birth rate as compared to low death rate, which is the main cause of population explosion in India. The per capita income of India is lower than the percapita income of some developed countries.

Government has to spend more to provide the basic things at the subsidized rate to cater to the massive population of below poverty line BPL consumers.

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It has been proved that there is a direct relation between illiteracy and fertility; vi Superstitious beliefs and myths that a male child is a must for salvation, social security and continuation of the family tree; and vii Misconceptions that the use of birth control measures lead to diseases, defects or general weakness.

Conclusion To make a country developed and powerful every citizen of that country need to take step on his own end apart from blaming on others.

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