End of the year writing activities for first graders

Peila has one iPad for her class. Publish a year-end newspaper. Some students might reflect on what made a particular work sample outstanding or what they might do differently if they were to complete the project again.

Last week of school activities 4th grade

Here are my current favorites. Read on to find creative ideas for end-of-year assignments and activities that will get your students remembering all of the great things they accomplished in the last nine months, and looking forward to exciting days ahead. What a great way to look back over what kids have learned! Draw a school year timeline. You could also do this with balloons by putting the idea inside the balloon. Personalize it by taking and printing a photo of each student, or have them draw their own portrait in the space provided. Bulletin Board Displays — Bring on the end of year cuteness with a sailing inspired bulletin board display. What a statement! Then, have kids create giant portfolios by stapling two pieces of poster board together, decorating the outsides, and putting their work inside. Learn more: Teaching with Jennifer Findley 2. Put together time capsules. One idea is to write the name of a different fun activity on colored construction paper strips. This project is especially meaningful for kids about to move on to another school like junior high. This is a quick idea that parents are sure to love. Learn more about this end-of-year activity here.

Learn more: Third Grade Love End of the School Year Projects source: teacherideafactory. Kids can bring pillows and read by flashlight.

The game is based on the gift-stealing game that is usually played during the holidays. Great idea for any grade level! Consider skits, dramatic readings, acting out a story, a talent show, a poetry slam reading their own or reciting poems of their choicestory telling like the Mothor reading favorite pieces from the year.

Get enough sleep. Ask your students to create a wall-worthy piece of art that reflects something they learned in science.

end of the year activities first grade
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End of the Year Writing Prompts