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International skytyping: Yes!

digital skywriting a life

And yet something curious is happening. That's how Asbury-Oliver got her start in Each board is visible for approximately square miles. InThe New York Times described a skywriter who sloppily put out a message that didn't make sense, only to fly back up, strike a line through the thing, and begin again.

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Skywriting is experiencing a comeback in the 21st century. In this promotional videoshot in the early '30s, you can see smoke riders writing tight, precise messages that look almost handwritten. They both start at 10, feet 3, meters.

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You can tell by looking at all the dots forming the numbers that this message was executed with skytyping. Some have certainly tried. In an age of sophisticated digital and television advertising, social media and email, skywriting is an antiquated form of messaging. Skywriting, or "smoke riding," as it used to be called, was once the exciting new frontier of advertising, a way for companies to reach thousands of people through a single, eye-catching spectacle. The letters are made up of individual dots that blend together at a distance. Your message may be as simple as your website address, or text advertising keyword plus short code , or brand tag-line, or just your brand name. This accounts for the incredible visibility of each board. Pilots dabbled in color but it never worked as well as simple white. Or the time when a groom-to-be paid for an elaborately planned wedding-day message. On several other occasions, aviators have tried their hand at skywriting over festivals and air shows only to form a jumble of illegible or barely-readable letters.

I believe I got it right. In DecemberToronto residents looked up and saw one of the longest skywritten messages ever: "War is over if you want it—Happy Xmas from John and Yoko.

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The most enthusiastic supporter of skywriting was a young soda company based in North Carolina.

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What is Skytyping?