Cooling drinks specific latent heat

See table of results and graph. Answer: Question 4: A mass of 40g of brass of specific heat capacity 0.

ice cooling water

Maybe beer, maybe soda — but either way, cold. The specific heat capacity of the liquid is 2. Consider the heat taken by the container to be negligible.

thermal equilibrium equation

Water has quite a high specific heat capacity because water is useful for storing heat energy, and for transporting the heat energy for example in the central heating system heat is transferred via water. Question What is meant by global warming?

Answer: The measurement of the quantity of heat is termed as colorimetry.

calculate the mass of ice needed to cool 150g of water

What heat is supplied per second? Question Explain, Why is it advisabile to pour cold water over burns, caused on human body, by hot solids? Question Explain, why temperature in hot summer, falls sharply after a sharp shower?

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FREE PHYSICS NOTES FOR SECONDARY SCHOOL: Application of Specific Latent Heat