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Of studie took he moost cure and moost heede. The debate is full of speeches and insults.

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A full list is impossible to outline in little space, but Chaucer also, lastly, seems to have borrowed from numerous religious encyclopaedias and liturgical writings, such as John Bromyard 's Summa praedicantiuma preacher's handbook, and Jerome 's Adversus Jovinianum.

Instead, it appears that Chaucer creates fictional characters to be general representations of people in such fields of work. In some cases, vowel letters in Middle English were pronounced very differently from Modern English, because the Great Vowel Shift had not yet happened.

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The reule of seint Maure or of seint Beneit, By-cause that it was old and som-del streit,— This ilke Monk leet olde thynges pace, And heeld after the newe world the space.

His palfrey was as broun as is a berye. The chambres and the stables weren wyde, And wel we weren esed atte beste. And rage he koude, as it were right a whelpe.

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Chaucer and his Tales