Chalkboard lettering

Chalkboard lettering generator

Those were large-scale chalkboards. They can be changed to match any and all moods, seasons, and decor styles. I made mine a little heavier so you could see them clearly in the photos and they were a little tough to erase cleanly. This especially helps to keep my letters straight and my design centered. The one I am using for this demo is actually a roughly painted faux chalkboard so the transfer is a little rough but the next step will transform it completely! These pictures were taken while I prepared two custom chalkboards for a wedding. Below is a picture of the 5 ft x 3 ft chalkboard sign. If I had a question about any of the letters, I just looked at what I had printed out. That was it. Then you can start all over. I want to add, that I made both chalkboards, meaning, I did not buy pre-made chalkboard pieces. I changed some words on the board later because it was less space than I expected. Pin This tutorial will show you how to make flawless chalkboard lettering with just basic skills. Each section was really quick and easy to find and that made the chalkboard art really fun and non-frustrating to play around with.

This was a total challenge, but it turned out amazing. Now, this next thing was a pretty monumental learning moment for me.

chalkboard lettering stencils

Then, I simply dip my paint brush in and go. Actually, adding little flourishes to random letters here and there really adds to the overall personality of the whole chalkboard.

chalkboard lettering examples

She has been lettering for about two years and teaching lettering for almost one. Check out my design guide below and get started!

Chalkboard lettering stencils

Thankfully, I remedied that little issue now and can proudly say that I definitely know how to put together a fairly respectable looking piece of chalkboard art. You just erase them later when your letters are in place! The small amount of affiliate money I earn per month is how I pay the fees to keep this site up and running. I found that to be super helpful because I could go back and re-watch a part of the class if I found I was getting a little stuck when I was working on my project. So listen to the expert and trust her, Lauren I mean, not me. Why did I never think of this?! If I had a question about any of the letters, I just looked at what I had printed out. Lesley promises that you will walk out of class with the tools you need to get started on your own lettering journey!

With a pencil, trace the printed design putting enough pressure to transfer the chalk dust from the paper to the board. About the teacher: Lesley Miller is originally from Raleigh, North Carolina and has gradually been moving west for the past fifteen years.

I frequently write and draw, but I never did it on a big board or anywhere similar. They come in multiple colors, too! On the back of your printed design go over the text pressing firmly with a piece of chalk. Honestly, I usually do my chalkboard designs in multiple sessions.

chalkboard lettering generator

You rock! After that, I moved on to the next part.

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