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Engagement strategies: This strategy mainly focuses on chief stakeholders those who have significant influence on the change but are unwilling to adopt the changes.

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In this case, the higher the number of people believing in the gospel of change, the better. The organization itself will have to bear a huge loss and face serious issues which may result in financial loss to the company and affect its future growth and sustainability. Nonetheless, if they do not get agree to it at all then explicit consequences are taken into account to deal with them Marcus Ball, According to Ford et al.

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Afterward, feedbacks and reviews received from every stakeholder are made a vital part of the change process and considered at every stage of process. Second, people those who can put resistance to change because of their personal behavior and emotional responses. Negotiation and agreement: When an organization thinks and plans for a strategic change, it has to put a lot of thing at stake. Even though resistance to change is common, change initiators generally do not consider managing it effectively in order to make their efforts a success. This is more so the case if change agents refuse or fail to restore the lost trust. It can be noted that through their actions or inactions, change agents in most cases end up contributing towards the very occurrence of resistance Ford et al. Through this, stakeholders consider themselves to be a key part of that process and feel working with enthusiasm and motivation Altria corporate services, In most cases, one of the primary ways of ensuring that a change will be in the 30 percent of successful initiative involves overcoming resistance to the change. So, this will bring resistance from the individuals, groups or departments who will lose some of their currently available resources.

In this case, the authors note that resistance can ensure that conversations are kept alive. Organizational change can eliminate some workplaces, can produce technological excess, layoffs and so on.

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During the two demo presentations, at no point did Barnett present any constructive criticism, or objectives of why the BSO software change was detrimental to the company. In addition, a few change management strategies have been developed taking stakeholders along in planning framework of change.

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The sensation of being thrown off balance takes over along with being uncomfortable for the remainder of the day. S market and floppy stock price.

We need to acknowledge this logical human mechanism.

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Managing Resistance to Change during a Merger Essay