Business models in digital economy

Arthur states that adaptation in a turbulent environment means watching for the next wave that is coming, figuring out what shape it will take, and positioning the company to take advantage of it. Organizations in the Digital Economy must understand and capitalize on the disruptive attributes of the Internet and e-commerce to transform their business models for success.

I hope you enjoyed this episode. The basic rules of the game for creating and capturing economic value were once fixed in place for years, even decades, as companies tried to execute the same business models better than their competitors did. The open source movement in software development e.

Value generated in Internet-enabled business transcends traditional industrial sectors.

digital economy companies

But big companies can be disruptive — if they identify and overcome their common but limiting orthodoxies about how to do business. Share this article. It reflects explicit choices along three dimensions: Product or Service Offering — meaning what are we offering the customers to satisfy their needs?

A firm that exploits the Internet should build and utilize its digital assets in order to provide customer value across many different and disparate markets. Thanks for listening — Take care and I'll catch you in the next episode of transformation management. The IDE works to define the basic principles and systems to help companies design successful platform strategies and facilitate the digital transformation of work and commerce.

For many, it's a downward spiral from there, with plenty of leaders getting replaced en-route — from business leaders right up to the CEO.

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Digital Economy Business Models