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InAdams predicted that Donald Trump would win the presidency when few others considered him a serious contender. In each chapter, he describes the benefits of confronting and overcoming a different form of human fallibility.

May 9. Though her dad is a virtuous man, his political enemies hope to spin the fact that the family just checked his mother, Judy, into an upscale nursing home while other elder facilities in the state suffer. Her betrayal destroys their innocence; they learn to accept that "nothing was safe anymore.

In addition to a highly readable—and persuasive—guide to presenting ideas effectively, Adams has also written an insightful study of how Trump bested seasoned politicians.

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Readers looking to make a foray into Southern cooking and etiquette will find Witherspoon an enthusiastic guide. Twelve-year-old Rill bears the guilt of not having been able to protect her siblings while also trying her best to get them home.

The year-old can't comprehend their business, but she senses that the two men have become "friends.

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