Book summary one page business plan

simple business plan template pdf

While you may well write it in Microsoft Word, there are two many of versions of Word floating around to ensure your formatting is preserved.

The Executive Summary Within the overall outline of the business plan, the executive summary will follow the title page. Goals: Make a list of three to five long-term goals that translate your company's vision into specific, measurable, attainable, relevant and time-specific objectives.

simple business plan example pdf

Key elements that should be included are: 1. Part one of seven. What business process will you employ?

Simple business plan sample

All too often, what the business owner desires is buried on page eight. You can write a vision statement. That is not key information for a one-pager. How much does it take to run the business? Although the table of contents appears toward the beginning of the plan, you will naturally prepare this last. Those that have the money to fund you are typically smart enough to know when you are exaggerating or just painting the most optimistic and speculative outcome. These two elements serve to define the business, the type of product it will offer, and its role within the context of the overall industry.

These people know what they are doing, and I want to get in on the action. How will the business be organized org. The Problem Size of the market and its growth rate Business model Marketing and sales — how will you acquire customers?

How will you assure and measure quality and customer satisfaction?

Book summary one page business plan

Financial factors An optional component is a section for SBA materials, which should be included only if the purpose of developing your business plan is to obtain financing from this source. By "date" purchase of delivery van negotiated with dealer. Financial Plan: As noted earlier, keep the details about your financials brief, using the same narrative style you have been using throughout the plan. Financial requirements: Clearly states the capital needed to start the business and to expand. Such as commercial real estate loans, small business loans from a bank or connecting with more mature partners. Executive Summaries vs. Market differentiation: Take the next page to detail what makes your product or service unique in the market by answering questions like: What makes you different from your competition that actually matters to your target customer? Who is your target customer and what do you know about them i. In fact, lenders and investors will pretty much make up their mind whether to give you money based on this executive summary. In some respects, the way a person reads your business plan will affect his or her judgment of your management ability. If you have followed these guidelines, the narrative portion of your plan should be 10 to 15 pages, with perhaps another eight to 15 pages of attachments and schedules related to the additional details of the marketing and financial sections. It is a crucial tool that can make all the difference in funding a venture and empowering its potential. Marketing mix: Use the next page or so to detail the methods you will use to deliver that message.
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