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From dining in the dark to eating in a veritable fun house, here are 10 of the world's best multisensory restaurant experiences. Alinea, Chicago Alinea is a mainstay on the top restaurants lists in the world, often times in the top A lesson for new restaurateurs: do one thing and do it really, really well.

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The Chicago chef has built up an inimitable reputation over the last 10 years by turning Alinea into one of the most theatrical and forward-thinking restaurants in the United States. The Fat Duck Melbourne, Australia British food wizard Heston Blumenthal was at the forefront of neurogastronomy and multisensory dining before either concept had a name.

That's because bass emphasizes the body of a wine and can match the tempo of weightier styles that glide across the palate slowly. The Ceylon Snickerdoodle, for example, is a salted egg yolk cookie: a yolk ball garbed in snickerdoodle dough, then rolled in sugar and black tea.

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Each month she selects a range of New Zealand and international wines to match the sonorous qualities of Auricle's changing exhibitions. Two dozen chefs fret over 12 diners in a room completely encased in blank screens, which light up with audio-visuals that change throughout the meal. Perlman serves food that is generally not available elsewhere. And customers kept begging for more. Another dessert is prepared at the table like a Jackson Pollock painting. Get hot restaurant tips. Achatz and restaurateur Nick Kokonas opened a second restaurant, Next, in and plan to open a third, Roister, by the year's end. Blumenthal promises the same "multisensory phantasmagoria" diners have come to expect from him, "taking you on a journey of history, nostalgia, memory and emotion. Ultraviolet Shanghai At Ultraviolet, degree wall projections help set the tone. Just goes to show adding a quirk to your concept, no matter how bizarre, can also add to your notoriety.

To add to the ambiance, traditional dance and musical shows are performed in the shallow pool where you dine. Get hot restaurant tips.

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Local and western dishes are served as well, that are considered much better than average bar chow. They are particularly popular with those wanting to meet new people be they tourists, expats or locals, and those who are really into food and wine. Pollsmoor is still a working prison and the waiters serving your food and drinks are actually inmates. Keep an eye out for this one. Does whiskey have an oakier flavor when you're sitting by a fireplace? Epicurean's menu features dishes that incorporate principles of molecular gastronomy to enhance the taste, texture and appearance of the food. Busts gaze down from pedestals as diners indulge their pizza cravings.

Albeit for minor menu updates and some refurbishments, the Superdawg Drive-In has hardly changed since it opened. There is one exception though.

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Top 10 Dining Experiences in the World