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Reported cases Reported cases are those judgments published in law reports. Types of Case Law Authorised reports Authorised reports are published law report series that have been given official approval by the judiciary.

Extensive coverage starts from Parallel citations Cases may appear in several series depending on editorial interest and assessment of the importance of the case. The appeal was finally heard this year after a large number of interlocutory decisions.

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Commonwealth Courts Portal - provides information on cases initiated in the Federal Court of Australia, including court events and orders, documents filed and the parties in the matter.

It is the citation that is allocated to the case by the court that it was heard in. With mouth-watering defamation cases loaded with scurrilous imputations and gossip being heard all over the nation, the High Court of Australia joined in with one of its own when Milorad Trkulja sued search engine giant Google.

Subsequent consideration of Australian cases in worldwide cases LawCite - is an automatically generated global case citator, which gathers information from all the Legal Information Institutes LIIs worldwide, so that you see where your case is cited in cases in other jurisdictions.

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