Assignment on cognitive dissonance

This footage is now a commercial that also visually shows the frightening statistics and immediate dangers from using tanning beds.

By doing this, her beliefs are now consistent with her smoking behavior. A fake tanning salon was set up for the people who came to get their free tan.

Then they were asked what their personal values were; many responses included compassion, caring, patient and many other things that would better describe what it means to be a nurse. Following this, the vice president then read off the list of complaints that each nurse had against them, and asked them if this matched the values and beliefs they had.

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Cognitive dissonance is the reason people react to new cognitions in a certain way, and change their behaviors or attitudes. For example, if you believe that exercise is important for your health but you rarely make time for physical activity, you may experience cognitive dissonance.

When the cognitive dissonance theory was introduced to the psychology world, it caused a lot of theories to be reviewed particularly the reinforcement theory.

Keywords: cognitive dissonance, beliefs, behaviors, change Introduction The theory of cognitive dissonance is nothing foreign to the public relations world. According to cognitive dissonance, if a person holds two beliefs that are relevant to one another but are inconsistent, dissonance will arise.

This process creates cognitive dissonance within the person.

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Cognitive Dissonance