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Within these two tools alone, teachers and students have access to documents and different presentation formats that enable students to collaborate on the same document or presentation, whether in the same physical space or not.

Depending on the type of question or discussion format you want your classroom collaboration to focus on, there are many tools available that can help. This year Xavier has been extended to cover both Year 7 and 8. Expressives may want to continue discussions without making decisions.

This focus on the product means that we often ignore the process of collaboration. Blogging can also provide incentives for students — since they know their work is going to be shared, they will want to present the best writing they can.

When you ask students to assume roles in their group, you want them to hone a particular set of work-style skills. You can assign specific roles to each student or let the students assign roles within the group.

GoSoapBox is a response tool that can be used to ask a variety of questions without students having to create accounts.

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Analyticals may get bogged down in details and miss deadlines and team goals. Amiables may not speak up to have their good opinions heard. It also allows users to highlight an idea on social media with screenshots and annotation shots. These are five strategies to encourage effective collaboration. Initially, this form of monitoring may be more time-consuming than traditional teaching formats, but a teacher can meet with groups more effectively over time than individual students. Cooperative learning and achievement. Students can post their ideas, even anonymously, share photos, videos, weblinks links or record audio to add to the collaborative space. It would use team teaching in a group of three and an explicit writing focus. You may also find that you want to divide or combine roles depending on the number of members in each team. Grading complexities can make group assignments difficult for instructors. Amiable team members perform the work set out for the team. I have used it to find out how students prepared for tests, what areas they need help with, and even for voting for club officers and planning trips. Questioner When in this role, students should challenge the prevailing ideas, encouraging new ideas and helping the team work in new directions. It can be a different way to find out about your students and their needs. Students can also collaborate on writing posts together and then share to build upon the learning happening within the collaborative group.

If we want real collaboration, we need to intentionally design it as part of our learning activity. SurveyMonkey is a good way to ask a variety of questions, find out what students are thinking, use it for a quick formative assessment, and many other possibilities.

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In the small groups, the students would work together to complete different activities and had the chance to engage more in the learning. But even with all of these resources available, it still comes down to taking a risk and trying something new. Focus on Strengthening and Stretching Expertise The challenge of designing good collaborative activities is ensuring that all students, even those who struggle, play an important role. Amiables may not speak up to have their good opinions heard. When you ask students to assume roles in their group, you want them to hone a particular set of work-style skills. During both collaborative and cooperative learning, students work together as they tackle new concepts and form new understandings. Each of these tools promote more personalized and meaningful learning for students, along with a healthy dose of classroom collaboration. Students get the benefit of a collective effort by observing other student's writing styles, strengths and weaknesses. By having students write in blogging format, you foster community and idea sharing. Nevin Eds. As team members identify and explore their own strengths, weaknesses, and skills, they gain an understanding of how combining the various skills of several individuals contributes to greater success than can be achieved by one person alone.

Wikispaces is another popular platform for teachers to create collaborative projects on social media.

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10 EdTech Tools for Encouraging Classroom Collaboration