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This routine mission to the moon suddenly becomes a survival mission to safely return home to Earth. They have already suffered an explosion on board, dangerously high levels of CO2, freezing temperatures and sleep deprivation. Jim, Fred, and Jack are to go on a mission to collect rocks from the moon. I write about leadership in history, pop culture and business. The entire process from training 6 months prior to launch, to after they get home after the stressful mission. Path Goal TheoryIn path goal theory the leader is relationship and task oriented. The alignment with the sun proved to be less than. And I remember the exhilaration running through me: My God, that's the last hurdle -- if we can do that, I know we can make it. Bacon is able to dock the module even if just barely and as a result gets a cheer from the flight crew, as well as his fellow astronauts. During the launch also, she was able to stay calm and wish her husband a happy journey under high stress situation.

He always start delegating tasks, and set a vision for others. Gene —Flight Director.

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The impacts of space program are still evident to this day. This process of building unity is evident in the HR frame and critical to the cohesiveness of the team. He insists on redoing it and as a result is using his political power to convince the rest of the team that they need to do it again.

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First, the green team discussed the success of the mission. When they are all getting buckled into the spacecraft, they are all united to their goal of getting to the moon.

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Not only is he the new member of the team, he is also young and not as experienced as the other two.

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Leadership in the Movie Apollo 13 Essay