An analysis of the literature in the poem to my dear and loving husband by anne bradstreet

In addition to regular rhythms, each pair of lines rhymes. Indeed, we find the two in a dialectical conflict and tension in each of the Bradstreet poems.

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It is one of the Christians believe that earthly union expires at death, yet the speaker wishes the union with her husband lasts after the death. My love is such that rivers cannot quench, Nor ought but love from thee give recompense.

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It was a nascent civilisation still developing. However, both of them are living a desirable marriage life that one can only dream of. At the age of 16, she married Bradstreet, a Cambridge graduate and raised eight children.

To my dear and loving husband theme

She values their love more than any earthly riches and the hopes that their physical union on earth signifies the continuation of their spiritual union in heaven. If a wife was ever happy with her husband, then surely it was her and you can compare her to any other woman who feels the same. Line 11 She ends To my Dear and Loving Husband by claiming that they will persevere in love until the end. It emphasizes that love remains to be a significant component to make relationships last and it is through this commitment and religious connection that couples can thrive. It seeks to show the relationship that should exist between man and woman. It is their role not only to take care of the household but also provide a nurturing and loving relationship with their significant other Gordon 1. To My Dear and loving Husband Analysis: Lines The speaker begins the poem by revealing the true nature of her matrimonial bonding with her husband.

If ever man were loved by wife, then thee; If ever wife was happy in a man, Compare with me ye women if you can. Line 12 The final line of this poem ends with a small glimpse into the next life.

An analysis of the literature in the poem to my dear and loving husband by anne bradstreet
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Analysis of To my Dear and Loving Husband by Anne Bradstreet