A literary analysis of the character john proctor in the crucible by arthur miller

John was a man who could see this and understand what the young girls were doing, which was a great advantage over the overwhelming amount of those who did not. Puritan ideals define the individuals living in Salem, and John Proctor, the protagonist, finds himself struggling to realize and act on these ideals.

For more information on choosing credible sources for your paper, check out this blog post. They think they are above the rest of the people. Abigail Williams, after having had an affair with a married man, begins this cycle of lies and accusations in an attempt to get her lover back.

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This was the first time the audience find out that proctor; a seemingly ordinary family man has actually been involved in an affair, further on in the play the audience realise that proctor has learn his lesson when he says this quote "I cannot mount the gibbet And being what she is, a lump of vanity, sir— He is being overcome.

Throughout The Crucible she displays notable qualities that separate her from some of the other characters, but in the end she has her faults that negatively impact her.

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Therefore, the idea of a redemptive character emanates from that character committing a perceived wrong and then overcoming the subsequent consequences with his actions. This allows our team to focus on improving the library and adding new essays. However, the characters were also tested by their own ability to choose between right, wrong, or the most beneficial actions. The Crucible stood out to me from the rest of the plays. I was able to uncover many themes from this play such as secret sin, lies and deceit, and religion. He believes his affair with Abigail irreparably damaged him in the eyes of God, his wife Elizabeth, and himself. For example at the end of the play when, Proctor refuses to sign his confession Your time is important. This choice also changes his relationship with his wife. As Hale struggles with overcoming his own flaws, he transforms from a zealous man focused on gaining respect into the voice of reason amidst the chaos and corruption of the court. All the accusers were young females who claimed they were attacked by demonic specters. These attributes can be given to the play itself, but can also be given to certain characters and their relationships; these have been used by Miller to create tension throughout the play and have allowed him to totally capture the audience personally. John Proctor remained silent for one reason, and that was to protect himself. Proctor had an affair with Abigail.

John Proctor essay. When all of the talk about witchcraft troubles her uncle, Abigail thinks she should be the authority.

His reason for doing so is to protect his image because he is afraid he will be committed of adultery with Abigail Williams He goes to the gallows redeemed for his earlier sins. His best possession is his good name and the respect and integrity associated with it.

Yet, in order for him to obtain such a title he must possess specific characteristics. Here each character must execute the rights believed by the church to be allowed in the church and the town of Salem.

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This is definitely a fitting name for the Salem witch trials based play, as dealing with the hysteria and unjust courts of Salem is a severe trial in its self. Miller had to make Abigail older because at the time the play was written, Proctor was still alive and so he would have Crucible John Procter Analysis Essay Words 3 Pages John Proctor is a very dynamic character who has an internal conflict between being righteous and falling into temptation. The false confessions favor the dishonest and are motivated by jealousy and spite. He was not so religious, nor the perfect Christian, and was not so adherent to Elizabeth was skeptical about what he did and his whereabouts. Miller wrote the play in the "s, a time when the McCarthy witch trials were taking place in Michigan, and set "The Crucible " in the "s, a time when the Salem witch trials were happening. John Proctor is an example of one who was misinterpreted by many other characters in his book, and this misinterpretation ultimately led to his demise. John trys to avoid any involvement in the Salem witch trials. This married couple faced major conflicts during this historical event in which The Crucible took place.
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The Character of John Proctor in The Crucible Essay