A choice between contacts or glasses

Contacts sit directly on your eye, so vision, particularly peripheral vision, is unobstructed.

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And that's reason to celebrate with a favourite meal! During your exams, your doctor can look for underlying health conditions that can make your vision even worse. That extra little bit of lens could offer enough protection to make a potentially major injury a little less severe. For example, lenses can be crafted to offer protection from the damage the sun's rays can cause, and that protection could result in a lower risk of cancerous tumors within the eye. Glasses are also remarkably easy to take care of, and they can be less expensive than contacts, as there's no special solution to purchase for cleaning purposes. Others may not like the way they look with glasses no matter what style they have chosen. Contacts can also be remarkably easy to wear even during vigorous activity. Read the care instructions for both to determine your level of comfort regarding the upkeep of daily wear. That additional peripheral vision can come in handy too. Your eyes must be able to function properly with contact lenses directly touching your iris. Contacts are by definition designed to be effectively invisible to onlookers. Contacts Make Exercise and Playing Sports Easier Anyone who wears glasses knows the pain of getting hit in the face with a beach volleyball. Although some contact lenses can block some UV light from entering the eye, photochromic eyeglass lenses block percent UV and protect not only the inside of the eye from UV, but the exterior of the eye and eyelids as well.

With coloured contact lensesyou can enhance or change your natural eye colour in seconds! Ortho-k can help both astigmatism and presbyopia.

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Therefore, this is not a choice to be taken lightly. Here are three helpful tips to help you choose between contacts and eye glasses.

Why do i see better with contacts than glasses

While handling lenses, you make direct contact with your eyes, and the smallest particle of dirt can give rise to infection or at the very least inflame your eye or cause it to tear up. The style argument mostly comes down to whether you like the effect that having frames on your face creates. Want people to notice your makeup? Lens users, on the other hand, find long-haul flights very drying for their contacts. While eyeglasses or contact lenses have many similar advantages, when it comes to keeping up with an energetic lifestyle, contact lenses are the clear winner. The lenses develop a tint in the sun to protect your eyes from the light. There are also daily disposables that you wear just during the day then throw out at night. Your Health Should Decide Contacts or Eye Glasses Your health can play a major factor in helping you choose between contacts and eye glasses. If you find yourself frequently falling asleep with your contacts in, consider extended wear contact lenses — some extended wear contacts are approved for up to 30 days of continuous wear. Another is presbyopia, which the majority of older people have.

As Scientific American points out, peripheral vision is used to help us detect subtle movement coming toward us from the sides. Also, eyeglasses can do something contact lenses cannot — they can adjust the amount of light entering your eye for optimum comfort and vision.

Contacts Make Exercise and Playing Sports Easier Anyone who wears glasses knows the pain of getting hit in the face with a beach volleyball.

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Sits on the Eye Since contacts sit right on the eye, you have better peripheral vision than compared to wearing glasses. You can always wear your regular specs out on the pitch, but that's a risky play for both your glasses and your face, and not recommended.

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Contacts vs. Glasses: 7 Reasons to Choose Contacts